Saint Laurent “Jane”

Hot-Steppin', Sandals

The “Jane” was part of the new “Saint Laurent” collection (not sure what happened here but it looks like the official name changed yet YSL was still being used on some products… confusing). Anyway, I don’t remember where I first saw these classic, chic, simple sandals but all I know is that I wanted them in my collection right away. So I searched and they were sold out everywhere, I mean “pata pata” out of the black leather (black satin and red leather were available).


Vionnet “Bi-Color”

Hot-Steppin', Sandals

I met these sandals at the Level Shoe District in Dubai, June last year on sale at a good enough price. I decided right then and there to search online to see if I could get a better deal and better sizing. And what do you know, found them passing both criteria. With a grin on my face, I placed the order to have them delivered to a friend of mine in the US (free shipping) as I was heading back the next month.