Prada Scalloped “Wavy” Sandals

The Glass Slipper

  I loved these Scalloped Sandals when they debuted and I wanted them in red SOOOO BAD!  Though my ‘ifẹ́’ (Love) was hot, I couldn’t justify paying the asking price for it, and waited for something to happen (sale, discount…..Anything) that would give me the nudge I needed.

  The nudge never came so I never got them, But…… it looks like I was just given a second chance at it (Prada has brought them back in an Eggplant color). In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t get them in red as this eggplant color might be a better addition to my collection.

  Anyway, I’ve only seen this on Prada’s official website (not in their stores either, checked) so I will have to get them there. So…….. What do you guys think (color, style, fit, comfort……. etc.)? Yay or Nay?

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3 thoughts on “Prada Scalloped “Wavy” Sandals

  1. Thanks ladies, and did I mention they are “hella” comfortable and looks like Prada has brought them back this season in black and red (again). They are available Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus. It’s definitely on my list….. just waiting for that sale to happen.


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