Vionnet “Bi-Color”

Hot-Steppin', Sandals

I met these sandals at the Level Shoe District in Dubai, June last year on sale at a good enough price. I decided right then and there to search online to see if I could get a better deal and better sizing. And what do you know, found them passing both criteria. With a grin on my face, I placed the order to have them delivered to a friend of mine in the US (free shipping) as I was heading back the next month.

I typically don’t fall for shoes with too much drama (I call it “Senrenren” LOL!!!), Simplicity is key in everything but for some reason I wasn’t turned off by these sandals. I think it helped that it was a simple enough sandal with a standout ankle lock that to me was different and unique. These are my only pair of Vionnets’ and I really haven’t found anything else from the line that has slowly reeled me in like these sandals.
They are comfortable enough and the block heels definitely are a plus. We’ll see what Vionnet has in the future… will keep an eye out for sure.


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