Stuart Weitzman “Nudistsong”

Hot-Steppin', Sandals

These sandals are also one of my faves and as you’ve noticed, I decided to go with the “Nudistsong” instead of the “Nudist”. (Spoke too soon, eventually got the “Nudist also”).

This decision was based purely on the wanting somewhat of a lower heel simple sandal in the nude tone (at least my “nude”). The Nudist sandals debuted after the YSL “Jane” and I decided not to get them just because they seemed too similar. I’m glad I waited a little longer as the “Nudistsong” were introduced a while later.

It is PERFECT (height & color) and exactly what I wanted. Now like the YSL “Jane”, they do sting the pinky toes after wearing them a while but as the saying goes “beauty is pain” so I decide to endure and enjoy being on “fleek” (not sure I’m into this word… Sigh…) for a while. To top it off, I got these on sale at a great price and continue to enjoy the “on point-ness” err time (LOL!)

“Omo Ijesa dey shine”


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