Aquazurra “Wild Thing”

Hot-Steppin', Sandals

Sigh…. Where to start? Hmmmmm…. So… I honestly don’t remember where I saw these first but I do remember seeing them somewhere in yellow and I thought…. “Ehhnnn, isoke” and kinda moved on.

I’d been following Aquazurra but nothing had really caught my eye, the shoes seemed okay “Meh”. So as usual, doing my weekly fashion browsing, I just “jam” these sandals in red and it was LOVE and NEED… the feeling was intoxicating, I mean I could not wait, there was no hesitation, no contemplation, no thinking….. NONE WHATSOEVER. They were the “Red, sexy” sandals I’d been searching for, I mean… Sigh…. The feeling is coming back now (*). I immediately ran to my wallet “sprinting mehhhnnnn” and procured (Hahahahaha…. Let me be “ajebutter” jare… *Supply Chain enter*) the sandals. I received them about a week later and they are “SUPREMELY GORG!” in person… and they are comfortable… Wonderful.
I’m telling you, all you need is your LBD or LWD (Uhmmmm…. Not too little, abeg), a red or nude lippie and you are set.
I can’t say enough in words how much I LOVE these… Sigh….. LOVE!


One thought on “Aquazurra “Wild Thing”

  1. Wow wow wow… Beautiful is an understatement to describe this shoe. Plus red is my color. Wish I cud wear them. Great pics as well


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