Gianvito Rossi “PVC”

Hot-Steppin', Pumps

OK so, do you guys remember the Christian Louboutin “Un-Bout”? Well, I wanted those in 120mm (even 100mm, I just wanted them) when they debuted. It seemed like everyone had them and those who didn’t were searching as hard as I was; but….

Lemme not lie, I was broke, couldn’t afford them (student tins… Lol!) But I hoped and prayed that they would still be available by the time I graduated (wishful thinking, but a girl can hope, right?). Anyway, like you guessed, it was all gone by the time I actually could afford them and though I could have purchased a used pair (eBay etc.), I’m not a big fan of buying used clothes and shoes (I know, I know; most are thinking how about vintage? Well I’m not quite there yet, we’ll see). So, moving on, I moved on and thought I had missed my chance until I glimpsed the GV “PVC” pumps on … I think it was Christina Applegate, and I thought “they are BACK!!!, Thank you Lord”. I began my research, found out they were Gianvito Rossi’s and noticed that one of my favorite online shopping sites had them. Now they had them yes, but they were sold out in the US so I had to place a pair on hold in Japan I think. I was so bummed! Imagine the shipping cost from Japan “Chei”! Eyes wide shut, I persisted and made sure to check on them every day and, “Voila!” they became available in the US. Now, I don’t know how, who, when or where, I didn’t care, I made sure they were shipped to me ASAP! I followed UPS like a hound and when they finally arrived… Sigh… I couldn’t wait to try them on.

Chickas….! They fit perfect, I mean like “burra” they went on. Now I’ll say this, I had to go a half size up but that happens a lot with designer shoes, so it was no biggie. I absolutely love these pumps and I know they now come in several color combos and material. They are a MUST HAVE I tell you. I know I can’t wear mine all the time (rain, winter), therefore my advice to the ladies out there who want these is to get them in leather or in patent leather for more versatility.


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