Sophia Webster “Evangeline”

Hot-Steppin', Sandals

So true story…. these were available summer 2014 and I tried them on every time I went to the store and loved them more and more every time, but my “ijebu” (frugalness) just couldn’t come to the point of handing my credit card over to the sales associate….. still hoping and praying for them to go on sale. Well… one fine weekend, I went back in and they were GONE!

I mean disappeared and I was so bummed and I thought “Oh well, it means God didn’t want me to have them anymore…. move on”…… so I did. Then sometime this spring, I was browsing online and…….Voila! they were there, “my winged angel” and I didn’t think twice (there was also a great deal going on)… credit card in hand, sale code memorized and BOOM!! (Shout out to my Bro! Hehehehehe….. 🙂 ), it was mine (even though it was backordered). So I waited, waited….. And finally they show up… “ETHERALLY BEAUTIFUL”. I was so elated and couldn’t wait to try them on and ….”Thud”… they were too small…

WHAT???!!! Sigh, without hesitation, I filled out the exchange form included in the delivery and sent it back only to find out about a 1.5 weeks later that my size was no longer available. What to do, what to do? Disappointed, I decided to visit one of my fave stores (Saks 5th Ave) and one of my fave sales associates and there it was…. They were mine, put on hold and purchased within the week…..wish you could see the dorky smile on my face… I haven’t worn them yet, but I have my plans already…. 😉

Watch out world…. I’m about to FLY!!!


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