Tom Ford Padlock Sandals

The Glass Slipper

So, I initially wanted the Tom Ford Padlock Pumps. I tried them on so many times, lusting over them and after much thought decided to get them. I saved up enough and as it would happen, the exact pair I wanted went on sale. So card in hand I headed to the store to pick them up, and to my utmost surprise, I became disillusioned once I tried them on again. At the time I couldn’t explain what happened, but now I know why. While researching the pumps, I was also looking at the sandals and without realizing it, I fell madly in love with the sandals (the silver with gold padlock sandals). I love the mix of metals which opens many styling possibilities. I will be getting these for sure, just waiting for the best time (Tom Ford is opening a store in Houston soon) and the best deal possible. So….. Comments….?

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