Christian Louboutin “So Kate”

Hot-Steppin', Pumps

To love shoes is to love the CL So Kate. I remember dreaming of owning the CL Pigalle which as you know are gorgeous (original style & cut) and I thought CL couldn’t top these classics…. I was wrong.

When the So Kate debuted I told myself “Heck no!” the pitch, the steepness …. No! Ridiculous! I quickly lost my tongue when I reluctantly tried them on just for kicks and let me tell you, I haven’t looked back since. Not only are they more comfortable (at least in my opinion), they just perform wondrous miracles (your calves, length, ankles… Confidence!!!) when you have them on.

Anyhoo…. I’ve been eyeing these Patent Burgundy So Kate since I saw them at Saks (only place I’ve seen them so far) and they are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Mr. Louboutin continues to dazzle…. I keep telling myself I have enough So Kates’ but it seems like, that isn’t quite true

Classic = Christian Louboutin So Kate

For the Love of Shoes …… patientlyBe

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